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Haua Line is more than just a clothing line. Haua Line represents a way of life. Coming from the South Pacific, Tonga and Samoa this way of life is the one that we were raised with.  Love and Loyalty is shown to all walks of life with the highest level of respect. We are known as happy people and this is what our foundation is built upon. We show love to all we come in contact with.  We pay it forward, giving back where we can and being involved in our community.

What is “Haua”? This is a Tongan word that parents came up with to describe their kids or a person who could not stay in one place, always out getting into something. It was not known as a good thing to be a “Haua”. We say “not bad, just misunderstood”. A true Haua, no matter where he or she is going or what they are doing, they always remember to take care of their home and responsibilities. Haua is a movement, to always be on the go. A haua is a leader, & survivor who is street savvy, one that can adapt to any environment he or she is put into.  The best way to translate Haua is “Free Spirit”.  There is a Free Spirit in all walks of life.  

Seeing the struggles our parents went through making sure we were ok has driven us to follow our dreams to do better and be better.  We will never forget where we came from and what it has taken for us to get here appreciating all we have and sharing it with the world no matter how big or small.

True Definition

H. umble

A. mbitious

U. nique

A. dventurious

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